First come, First serve. Must be paid in full before work can begin. Included: Colors & fonts can be tweaked. If the client needs alterations a fee of $45 will be applied, if the client needs extensive alterations then the design will upgrade to a custom.View my wide variety of premade covers. Customize the cover to meet your needs is available (see terms and conditions for any applicable fees)

Premade Covers
Exclusive Photography Premades
Premade Logos
Premade Clearance


Let us use our training, knowledge, and experience to create your one of a kind covers and graphics that sells.
Once Upon a Star (Custom Ebook Cover)
Includes: 1-3 concepts may be designed depending on the designer and client. Limit of 10 alterations (not 10 revisions) after concept is chosen. Fee of $10 for Title PNG.
Lunar Eclipse (Full Wrap + Ebook) *Most Popular
Includes: (Full Wrap, Ebook Cover, 3D Graphics, FB Banner, Title PNG) 1-3 concepts may be designed depending on the designer. Limit of 10 alterations (not 10 revisions) after concept is chosen. Extra alterations are available for purchase. Title PNG is included with this package so that the interior matches the cover at author’s request. The remaining balance will not be due until the client has approved the cover (exception for synopsis and page count). Final files will only be sent once final payments are completed. Final payment will be due 7 days once final files are done. If payment is late a late fee will be added to your bill for every week that the payment is late.
Audiobook Cover
Must purchase a Cover Package to purchase an Add On.
Teaser/Promo Animations*Most Popular
10-15 seconds of moving text - includes Gif and MP4
Facebook Banner Animation
Want to draw the eye of a reader on your author facebook page? Turn your cover photo into an animation!
Example One
Example Two
Book Trailers - *NEW
Contact Us about Pricing
Book trailers are now available!

Each book trailer can be about 30-60 seconds long. We have two types. An Image Stock Show where it’s a slide show of stock images with music. Or a video trailer with video stock. Prices vary depending on video stock price.
See an Example

Model Reading an Excerpt of your Book - Video
Want a model to read an excerpt of your book? Hook readers by your cover model reading to your audience! Video depends on model availability and/or travel. Limit of about 5 minutes (can be longer if needed).
Event Banner
Keep your content fresh. Get a banner for your next signing event.
Add Ons
Advance Reader Copy Cover $20
Coming Soon/Available Now Graphics $20
More Alterations for (Custom or Premade) $45 each alteration (after final files have been delivered $45 each)

Exclusive Photography

We have a team of professional photographers who will photograph on-location or in a studio. We have a wide selection of models we've worked with and willing to work with anyone of your choice
Exclusive Photography Premades
Premades are first come, first serve
Exclusive Stock Photos
Stock images are first come, first server.
Custom Photoshoot
Interested in a custom photoshoot? Contact us for info and pricing.

Custom photoshoots are dependent on model, location, permits, equipment requirements, and travel.


Looking to book a custom cover with us? Go to our Schedule a Custom page, place a 50% nonrefundable deposit of estimated cost to book your month. After purchase is made we will contact you to schedule the week of your design, send you an extensive design questionnaire to find out your book information and cover vision, and a contract to sign before we begin.

Finding a Stock Photo & Photo Usage

Stock photos are used from and for covers and small
business logos. If your book sells more than 500,000 books, extended licenses for the stock
images must be purchased.

Not finding the right stock photo? Here are other stock sources (fees apply) Period Images, NeoStock, RNC, Novel Expression, JL, Hot Damn Stock, or Moonstruck Exclusive Photos.


Stock Photos are used on logos, logos are for only small business only.

Cover Gif & Animation

Moonstruck designers may create animation from scratch or video stock may be used from Bigstockphotos. Credit must be given for both.